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Cookie Policy

Distinctly Deutschland Cookie Policy

if you use this website, please read the following Cookie Policies:

Cookie Policy

Web cookies, small files automatically stored on to the computer of website visitors, are common to almost all websites and are usually harmless. uses cookies in order to improve the website experience of users and help us improve the performance of our website.

Cookies cannot contain viruses or malware, but they can be used to track your Internet usage. If you chose, you can block or delete cookies from your computer by enabling the correct function on your Internet browser. This may have a negative impact on your user experience of our website but will not prevent you from accessing it.

For more detailed information about cookies and how you can block or delete them, you can consult:

What Cookies are being used for and why?

Distinctly Deutschland uses cookies that are hosted locally on our website as well as third-party cookies. The information gathered by third-party cookies is stored with these third-party companies and is accessed by Distinctly Deutschland indirectly through their services.

Some cookies make the user experience of website visitors better by improving loading times, remembering information you entered into the site, or by providing features like sharing to social media. Other cookies give us metrics on how users are interacting with our website such as how many people visit our site and how they use our site.

Locally hosted cookies on Distinctly Deutschland’s website

The following are the cookies that collects and stores directly on the website:

Exp_last_visit and Exp_last_activity: These two cookies work together to tell us the date of the last time you visited the website. It updates each time you visit the website.

Exp_tracker: This cookie tells us the last 5 pages you visited on the sight. It is stored temporarily and only remains on your computer until you close your browser.

PHPSESSID: This cookie stores information entered into only forms and text boxes. PHPSESSID only holds the information until the browser is closed.

Third-party cookies

The following are the third-party cookies that allows to collect information of our website visitors on our behalf:

Google Analytics: We employ Google Analytics (GA) cookies in order to use the Google Analytics software which provides many metrics that help us understand how our website is performing. The cookies and data collected with them are regulated by Google's own cookie policy that can be found at this link: How Google uses cookies – Privacy & Terms – Google

__utmt: This cookie is used to control the request rate on the website.

__utma: GA uses this cookie to determines who is a unique visitor to the site. This prevents double counting of a single user who visits our site multiple times in a short period of time, giving us accurate data on how many visitors come to our site.

__utmb & __utmc: These two cookies work together to determine how long a user spends on our site.

__utmz: This cookie determines through what channel one reaches our site (e.g. via Google search, directly entering the website URL, or through social media.)

Share This: We use the cookies of 'Share This' so we can provide their social media sharing widgets as well as gain insight into users experience on our website. 'Share This' operates in line with the USA-EU privacy shield. On their website you can opt out of their cookies across all websites. They collect and store data in accordance with their own privacy policy found here:

__stid and __uset: These two cookies together allow visitors to share content on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. via in-website widgets.

__unam: This cookie provides us with users click activity, what pages are viewed, website navigation, and time spent on each page.

Score Card: We use ‘Score Card’s’ cookies to help us understand the traffic and audience size of our website. ‘Score Card’ operates in line with the USA-EU privacy shield. Their processing and storing of data falls under their privacy policy found here:

UID and UIDR: These two cookies work together to provide metrics of the Distinctly Deutschland website’s audience size.

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