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    Once every 10 years the tiny village of Oberammergau in the Bavarian Alps takes center stage and hosts one of the most spectacular culture events on the planet! More than half of the villages’ 5000 residents take part in a dramatic open-air performance of the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

    It began in 1634, when devastation from the Bubonic plague had left the village at its wit’s end. The surviving villagers swore to God that if he spared them, they would put on a play about the life of Jesus Christ every 10 years to show their gratitude. And so began a tradition which has lived on for almost 4 centuries!

    The decennial Passion Play is a fundamental aspect of life and culture in Oberammergau. Villagers start preparing for the event years ahead. Only those who were born or have lived in the village for at least 20 years are allowed to participate. Male actors start growing their hair and beard a year before the play’s opening night! The enthusiasm of the actors, the history and grandeur of the performance, make Oberammergau a passion play like no other. Whether you’re religious or not, you will surely be touched by the moving drama and emotional music.

    2020 will see the 42nd edition of the world’s most famous Passion Play. Distinctly Deutschland will provide you with first class seating, behind-the-scenes experiences and rooms at the best hotel in town. An experience you are sure to remember for a lifetime.

  • Don’t miss the magic of Germany’s magnificent Christmas markets.

    Every year, from the 1st of December, Germany’s towns and villages turn into fairy tale wonderlands with Christmas markets’ festive stalls, brimming with delicious treats and hand-made arts and crafts. A giant, sparkling Christmas Tree majestically towers over the square, while the streets and shops are delightfully decorated.

    Soak in this magical atmosphere: the aromas of mulled wine, hot chestnuts and gingerbread cookies, as well as the cheerful voices of kids skating on the nearby ice rink… All against a backdrop of snowflakes, it’s the perfect, enchanting winter scene!

    With the first Christmas fairs dating back to the 15th century, today Germany boasts no less than 2500 Christmas markets across the country. While Nuremberg and Dresden host the most iconic Christmas markets, the most lovely ones are set in Germany’s numerous charming medieval towns.

    Distinctly Deutschland will gladly advise you where to go and help you spend your enchanting Christmas holidays in the ‘gemutlich’ (cosy) Germany.

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  • The “Kiez” – Berlin’s most vibrant neighbourhoods

    To discover the authentic soul of Berlin, you need to visit its local neighbourhoods, known as the “Kiez”. Since the falling of the Berlin Wall districts such as Prenzlauer Berg, Kreuzberg or Friedrichshain have been transformed from once glum residential estates into vibrant neighbourhoods.

    Cobblestone streets, shaded by ancient chestnut trees are lined with beautiful 19th century houses sitting alongside hip restaurants and studios, as well as stylish boutiques, cosy cafés and some of Berlin's trendiest bars. This is where students, artists and gourmet chefs mingle. This is where the real Berliners live, go out and dine.

    Soak up the atmosphere, amidst innovative galleries, original boutiques and eateries and you’ll see Berlin’s most creative, young, lively and sometimes extravagant facet.

    Definitely the best way to experience Berlin’s unique lifestyle - like a local!