Why would a small town like Weimar have managed to lure such luminaries as the poets Johann Goethe and Friedrich Schiller, or composers like Richard Strauss, Bach and Liszt? Simple: Weimar is simply one of the most interesting destinations of Eastern Germany thanks to its beauty, and its rich cultural tapestry – still very tangible today. 

The cradle of the Bauhaus movement, born in 1919, Weimar is also home to the ground-breaking modernist style in architecture and product design that has influenced designers and architects around the world. Visit the Weimar Bauhaus museum to hear about the fascinating tale of the very origins of the Bauhaus School, under the eye of creative geniuses like Walter Gropius, Wassiliy Kandinsky and Paul Klee.

While Weimar represents Germany‘s cultural wealth and intellectual aspirations, just 10 miles away lies Buchenwald Concentration Camp Memorial, a chilling reminder of Germany‘s darkest days.