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Dresden: Florence-of-the North and the Grand Canyon of the East

Dresden, dubbed “Florence-upon-Elbe”, with its awe-inspiring baroque architecture and an abundance of world class museums and art collections, is a compulsory destination for art lovers of all creeds.

Our Distinct Scouts will provide an insightful visit of the iconic Frauenkirche, a symbol of reconciliation post WWII, walking you past Rembrandt’s, Raphael’s and Dürer’s most famous paintings in the Zwinger or guide you to the sparkling treasures of the Green Vault, where Europe’s flashiest collection of jewellery and goldsmith’s work is displayed.

How about discovering Dresden, communist

style? Hop into an original ‘Trabi’, one of those minuscule plastic cars that were once the pride and joy of the East German automotive industry!

If you thought the Grand Canyon was unique, you may have to think again! Take in the natural marvel of Basteibrücke, an awe-inspiring rock formation in what we like to call ‘the Switzerland of Saxony’, a lovely two-hour boat ride from Dresden.

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