Even if you don’t own a bursting bank account in one of Zurich’s glitzy financial palaces, Switzerland’s largest city is well worth a visit.  

Mingle with the captains of capitalism in the elegant shops of the very smart Bahnhofstrasse where, the high-end luxury watchmakers and master chocolatiers’ shop windows that line the street sit side by side with the secretive facades of private banks.

At first sight, the city seems to confirm everything you may have heard about Swiss correctness, cleanliness, and its clockwork efficiency. But, as the sun sets, this cosmopolitan village takes on bohemian traits, when its diligent citizens flock towards the Altstadt to unwind after a hard day’s work. Join them amidst the Old Town’s narrow lanes, and idyllic squares, for a few relaxing drinks at one of the many cozy and homey yet lively ”Beizli” eateries. 

With so much money in Zurich, it’s no surprise that the city boasts some of the world’s fanciest art galleries, one of Europe’s finest opera houses and several world class museums, including Zurich’s pride and joy: the jaw-dropping Kunsthaus museum.