Even the Swiss – truly endowed with natural beauties – say the Land of Appenzell is a uniquely ravishing spot. Mercifully, this gorgeous stretch of land is still overlooked by international tour groups flocking toward the famous Swiss mountain resorts. Imagine gently rolling hills where cows graze in lush green meadows and diligent Swiss farmers produce their famous cheese… 

Unspoiled, the area is dotted with picturesque little towns each with their traditionally decorated homes, steep church steeples and inviting market squares. The hills are home to traditional farmhouses, and you’d be forgiven for thinking Heidi herself might appear with a herd of cows in tow!

The charming town of Appenzell is a feast for both the eyes and the stomach. Behind the gaily decorative pastel-colored facades of its traditional buildings are cafes, confectioneries, cheese shops, delicatessens and restaurants offering local specialties.

A life-time memory will be an excursion to Wildkirchli, a little church and adjacent chalet restaurant, dramatically carved into the steep rock face of the nearby Alpstein mountain range. This mind-blowingly romantic spot is likely to take your breath away.