Graceful Lucerne, one of Switzerland‘s oldest and most beautiful cities achieves picture postcard perfection right on the shores of scenic Lake Lucerne.

Venture into Lucerne’s Old Town, taking in its charm, from the narrow cobbled streets to the sunny squares and leafy alleys, set against the dramatic Alpine backdrop. Stroll across the impossibly picturesque Chapel Bridge, a covered wooden footbridge that spans the emerald waters of the Reuss river diagonally, and replenish your stock of Swiss sweet treats in the city’s charming chocolatiers. 

Squiggly-shaped Lake Lucerne, surrounded by snow-capped summits, was also the cradle of the Swiss Confederation, when a handful of rebels (remember William Tell?) swore independence from the Habsburg Empire and planted the seed of what is now the world’s oldest democracy. No other Swiss city is a better showcase for Switzerland‘s traditions, pride and rich cultural tapestry.