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Medieval Germany

Germany is sprinkled with charming, typical medieval towns: a living testimony to each city’s affluence and influence during the Middle Ages. Fortified city walls, solid stone towers built to protect against invaders, higgledy-piggeldy cobblestone streets twisting between century-old timbered houses, imposing town halls and busy market places all bring alive their town’s history, past pride and prosperity.

Far from staying stuck in time, these charming towns have preserved their medieval architecture and feel while cleverly embracing a vibrant street life and welcoming contemporary features and amenities. Old meets new at every corner, in historic buildings housing quaint little shops or cosy cafés. Locals are fiercely protective of their traditions though, conserving their heritage proudly thanks to a myriad of festivals, customs

and parades. Take a trip back in time with your Distinct Scout and submerge yourself in the spirit of the Middle Ages.

These quaint towns, steeped in history are a quintessential part of Germany, just as much as Berlin or Munich’s Oktoberfest. We definitely recommend adding some of them to your itinerary to live another facet of the authentic and charming Germany.

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