Every 10 years the tiny village of Oberammergau hosts one of the most spectacular cultural events on earth! Over half of the villages’ 5000 residents take part in a dramatic open-air performance of the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. A fundamental part of life in Oberammergau, villagers prep ahead, with all men growing their hair and beard a year before opening night! 

The tradition started in 1634 when the Bubonic Plague devastated the village and survivors swore to God that if he spared them, they would put on a play about the life of Jesus Christ every decade in gratitude. So far, the promise has lasted 400 years! (well the “Corona Plague” forced the village to postpone the Play by 2 years…)

Whether you’re a believer or not, the drama, emotions and enthusiasm are touching, not to mention the sheer grandeur of the event. The 42nd show now takes now place in 2022 and Distinctly Deutschland has reserved the perfect ticket and the best hotel in town for you!