Booming Leipzig, has for centuries prospered as a key trading hub between East and West. The wealth of the city is reflected in its majestic town houses and its rich cultural heritage.

Music fan? Follow in the footprints of Johannes Sebastian Bach who worked as a cantor at Leipzig’s Thomas Church. Distinctly Deutschland will get you tickets for a concert of the Thomas Church Boys Choir, the very same choir that was conducted by Bach himself until 1750! 

Your DD Private Guide will bring alive the spirit of East Germany’s peaceful revolution, from its beginning in 1989 with a few people‘s prayers in Nikolai Church subsequently drawing increasing masses to the streets and ultimately ushering in the ‘impossible’: the downfall of the Iron Curtain.

Since then, thriving Leipzig has come a long way, even stealing Berlin’s crown as the hip spot to be and be seen. Dubbed “Hype-zig”, the city has morphed into former East Germany’s most exciting city. Thanks to an economic boom, great vibes emanating from the large student population and a buzzing arts and culture scene, Leipzig has attracted creatives types from around the world, quickly earning it the reputation as a cutting edge melting pot not to be missed.