The picturesque island of Sylt, Germany’s most northern North Sea island is our ultimate location.

As beautiful and rugged as Martha’s Vineyard, but without the billionaire’s mansions! Imagine the Vineyard with meticulously kept thatched-roof houses, and 20 miles of Europe’s most beautiful beachscape, as well as some extraordinarily charming villages dotted across the island! Not to mention a range of mouth-watering restaurants within walking distance and plenty of unique boutiques stocked with tasteful treasures you won’t find anywhere else.

Sylt is so pristine and quaint, Germans have so far managed to keep it a secret to the rest of the world! While the island is a prime holiday destination for Germany’s Upper Crust, foreigners are rarely seen on the island. 

It is quite simply: pretty, tasteful and stylish, and probably the best place in all of Germany to spend some really relaxing downtime.