Rothenburg on the Romantic Road is Germany’s quintessential medieval town – and Distinctly Deutschland’s Favorite. Unscathed by history (and the temptations of modern town planning) Rothenburg has remained intact over the centuries and today oozes authenticity from its every pore.

In its medieval heydays Rothenburg ranked amongst Germany’s top 10 largest and wealthiest towns, shielded by a massive city wall and intimidating towers. However, after the city was under siege and plundered during the Thirty Years War (1631) Rothenburg sank into oblivion and therefore miraculously preserved its original buildings, authenticity and charm. 

Rothenburg is at its best in the late afternoon, when the tour buses have cleared away and walking about in the higgledy-piggledy streets of Rothenburg is a little like taking a journey back in time to the Middle Ages… 

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